With yet another award going to an Illinois-born actress last night at the Emmys, I figured it was time to do a bit of research.

Just about every year, when award season comes around, which by the way we're on the cusp of, someone from Illinois scoops up an award.

70th Emmy Awards - Creative Perspective
Rachel Brosnahan. Credit: Getty Images

Whether it be Rachel Brosnahan, she's born in Wisconsin but grew up in Illinois, scoring an award for The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, or like last night native Chicagoan, Gillian Anderson scoring her second Emmy in a supporting role for Netflix's hit show The Crown.

"The Crown" 73rd Primetime Emmys Celebration - Red Carpet Arrivals
Gillian Anderson Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

So it got me thinking, there's plenty of great actresses who were born in Illinois who have gone on to score some major hardware and star in some serious box office blockbusters.

Hollywood legends like Raquel Welch and Betty White got their start in Illinois. Oscar winners like Frances McDormand and Jennifer Hudson were both born in the Land of Lincoln too.

91st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Jennifer Hudson Credit: Getty Images

There were some surprises too like I had no idea Welch was from Chicago, and Calista Flockhart from Ally McBeal was born in Freeport.

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For some reason, I always knew about Joan Allen being from Rochelle, but for some, that's kind of a surprise.

I was most surprised though when I found out Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live was born in Illinois, she grew up in Springfield.

73rd Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
Cecily Strong Credit: Getty Images

Speaking of growing up in the middle of the state, did you know Jennie Garth from Beverly Hills 90210 wasn't actually born in California? Nope, she grew up in Urbana, Illinois.

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Check out the full list:

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