I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. If it wasn't for my job, I probably wouldn't be on it as much as I am.

I love seeing what all of my friends are up to and oohing and ahhing over pictures of their kids and babies; I love sharing intimate moments of my life with you and informing you of fun things going on in Rockford with my blog posts....BUT there's a lot to hate about Facebook, too.

Ok, hate is a strong word, more like dislike. I dislike seeing the same thing over and over in my news feed...everyday; I'm sure you can relate.

Here are five annoying things every Rockfordian posts on Facebook. Warning: I'm a little harsh here, but you were thinking it; I just said it.

What annoys you most on Facebook?

Thanks to our sister station, 94.3 the X, in Ft. Collins, Colorado, for the inspiration on this one.






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