Gone are the days of only June weddings and May bachelorette parties. A pink envelope can arrive in your mailbox any time time so you're gonna need to be prepared. Make sure you have that "bachelorette party" black dress, and you'll probably want to be aware of the guys you're gonna run in to while you're out.

Because nothing says,"hey strange guys come talk to us," like a group of girls in high heels equipped with party straws.

I've been to more of my share of bachelorette parties including the most recent one in Milwaukee, and we ran into all five of these guys. Sure, you might run in to them on any Saturday night, but when you're with a bride, you are the center of attention.

The Crabby Bartender

Ahh, the crabby bartender. This guy might actually be a girl... but for the sake of my list here, let's say he's a guy. He sees the bachelorette party walk in the door and thinks, "oh, man, I do not want to make gummy bear shots and martinis."  Well, guy, don't be assumptive ok? Some people are happy with tequila shots and vodka/soda drinks. Also, of any group to notice your crabbiness and spread the word, it's a bachelorette party.

The Old Guy Who Wants to Buy You Shots

So this is probably the first person who notices the group when you walk in. Solo "old" dude at the bar. He hears you, then he sees you, then he stares. And stares. And stares. And stares one more time. It's time for the ladies to evaluate this guy. Is he creep-o-tastic? Then stay away. If he looks harmless and ready to buy jagerbombs for the whole crew. Draw straws to see who has to talk to him.

The Guys Who Is A Little Too Comfortable Putting His Number In Your Phone

We'll call this guy "Nick Wisky Bar" just for fun. Whether you're getting someone's phone number because you're the only single girl in the group or because it's part of a bachelorette party scavenger hunt, there's something to say about this guy's phone number sharing tactics. A regular dude would most likely put his first name and number in your phone. Maybe a last name, maybe. But, when the guy takes your phone and puts his first name and number in your phone and as the last name he puts the bar you're at... you know he's probably done this about six times already that night. And last night too. There's a good chance he will spell the name of the bar wrong, too. Some of us would correct that, be aware if you do that, the guy will walk away.

The Eager Groomsmen

You may have run into a wedding after party or a bachelor party and one of those groomsmen will let you know he's single within 7 seconds of meeting him. Let me know if you can prove me wrong on this one.

The Guy In A Costume

Finally, you will find a guy in a costume. Is it October? You might see someone super pumped to celebrate Halloween. Maybe a bunch of dudes dressed in suits after a fantasy football draft, that's kind of a costume, too. Or you'll run into the guy we met, a guy dressed like a bear. Yep. Just a regular Saturday night in September and one guy in a bear costume, owning the dance floor. Make sure you get that guy's story.

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