We've all been there, whether it was last weekend or the last decade- you had a little too much too drink or maybe you were just being your usual quirky self, and you shot off a text that you don't exactly remember sending; only to be reminded of it when you frantically search through your phone to help you remember the events from the night before.

That's when you find it, and not just on your phone, but on a website created just for sharing that text you shouldn't have sent: Texts from Last Night.  It's quite possibly one of the most entertaining blogs on the web where users can share their most intimate moments shared via text for the rest of us to enjoy, while also remaining anonymous.

They aren't all scandalous though. Take these 5 Rockford texts; they perfectly sum up how we've all felt at one point in time about ourselves, work and relationships.

Too bad it didn't work out.

Texts from Last Night

HBO has the best movies, but you don't have the best paycheck to afford it all year.

Texts from Last Night

And "seen" appears under your message on Facebook and iMessage. Hello?

Texts from Last Nigth

You hesitantly downloaded Snapchat and now you're addicted.

Texts from Last Night

When it's Friday at noon and you've had the worst week of your life.

Texts from Last Night

Suddenly all of your strange addictions, drinking habits and casual encounters don't seem so bad, do they? In fact they're pretty normal...and still hilarious.