It's one thing to visit a haunted house or watch a scary movie, but to put your headphones on or turn your speakers up and completely become immersed a scary sounding story is a whole new level.  It takes your back to the days of telling scary stories with your friends and family before technology took a hold of everything.

So grab your flashlights, and buckle in, according to BuzzFeed, these podcasts are made for October -

  1. 'The No Sleep Podcast' - If you're looking for the kind of stories where you feel like you're sitting around a campfire, check out this podcast. Each episode contains readings of scary and unsettling horror stories.
  2. 'Lore' - Based off of the TV series on Amazon Prime, this podcast finds real-life stories that are still as creepy as anything you could come up with.
  3. 'Unexplained' - Unexplained gives you an almost scientific look at real-life phenomena and mysterious events that are...well, unexplained. Episodes cover all kinds of subjects, like a girl in India who started to remember past lives.
  4. 'Knife Point Horror' - This one takes a more minimalist approach, relying on the unsettling stories and host Soren Narnia's narration to get the scares across.
  5. 'The Message' - ALIENS.  The Message combines sci-fi with horror for a harrowing story about extraterrestrial contact, all under the guise of an NPR-style news program.

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