It doesn't matter how old you are, pizza parties are always a fun time. You've got good friends, good food, and inevitably, good times. So today – indeed, it's National Pizza Party Day – is one of those fake holidays I'm super on board with celebrating.

But here's the thing: pizza parties need to be done right. They can go from awesome to awful in seconds. So, to avoid that, I've made a list of surefire ways to shoot a pizza party in the foot.

Don't make these mistakes:

  • 1

    Putting pineapple on pizza

    Number one with a BULLET. If pineapple pizza is my only option, I am leaving that party. But it's not just me. Pineapple on pizza is too divisive in general. There's no way everyone at your party will like it. With a pizza party, you want to stick with the big three: cheese, pepperoni and sausage.

  • 2

    Not enough pizza

    If I'm just going over to a friend's house, and we decide in the moment to order pizza, odds are we won't get a ton. I'll adapt.

    But if I'm going to a pizza party, I want to be able to go back for as many slices as I want. Order more than you think you'll need, so everyone can leave full and happy.

    Who cares if you have too much? When is leftover pizza a bad thing, ever?

  • 3

    No other snacks

    A pizza party is no time to be worrying about diets or calories. I want pizza, chips, cookies, brownies, pretzels, everything. A pizza party is nothing without extra snacks. Every sleepover in a teen movie taught me that.

  • 4

    Square slices

    This might just be a personal preference, but I think pizza is meant to be cut into triangles. Whether it's a Chicago deep dish or a New York style pie, both are always cut into triangles. Square slices never seem substantial enough to be filling.

  • 5


    Plates? Absolutely necessary. Napkins? Without a doubt.

    But I will never be convinced that you need silverware at a pizza party. Or really any pizza-eating occurrence. (Full disclosure, I have eaten pizza with a fork and knife before, but I was ashamed the whole time).

    Pizza parties are about having fun and being messy! Not neat and proper.

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