The minute it stops snowing in Rockford it seems like construction season begins and one of those projects is well underway.

Spring Creek is a perfect little road to use to get from Alpine to Perryville and back, but when it's under construction, driving anywhere near the street is absolutely awful.

According to My Stateline, yesterday traffic was bumper to bumper near 251 and the construction will continue every work day until the project is complete.

On the plus side, the construction area reopens at the end of each work day, but I mean let's face it, during the work day is when we need to get where we're going.

So how do we deal with it?

Here are five options.

  1. Quit your job. Who needs to go to work when the commute is so messy? You can just live off of your last paycheck for the rest of the summer, right?
  2. Stop grocery shopping and just order pizza for every meal. We have tons of pizza places here, you can absolutely order from a new place each day.
  3. Lime Bike baby. Maybe this is why we have the Lime Bikes in Rockford?! To avoid driving in construction. Just make sure no one steals your bike while you're not riding it.
  4. Make a construction playlist. Getting through your commute is better with a perfect playlist. Angry rock? Yelling Alanis? Songs that references roads. You got this.
  5. Move. If your house is near the construction, just move. Chances are Spring Creek is gonna be under construction again some day so you're better off elsewhere.

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