A man was found with 60 phones at Lollapalooza this past weekend but police were unable to charge him with theft.

According to DNA Chicago, the man was released "because officers were unable to determine if the man had stolen the phones or was just in possession of them when they were found."

There's a great pun somewhere in the story about the man stealing the phones and police not being able to "charge" him, yet I can quite put my finger on it.

While the scofflaw appears to have gotten away scot-free more than 140 phones found and turned in at Grant Park, the site of Lollapalooza,

That means over 200 phones are missing their owners.

There are currently over 900 items listed on the Lollapalooza lost and found.  If you lost something at Lolla and are trying to get it back you can make a claim.

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