Despite being 38 years old, one of my favorite things about Christmas Time is getting a stocking, yes, I still get a stocking.

It’s become the one sticking tradition on my dad’s side of the family since we all became adults. - every year we get together for a few games of bowling, play a fun little gift exchange game and at the end of the night, we all get a stocking; but instead of getting a red sock full of candy and toys, it’s filled with gas cards, lottery scratch off tickets and cash. It is my absolute favorite part of Christmas.

This year I’m thinking of doing things a little differently. Instead of getting a stocking, I plan on giving them to family back home, and in it- these seven last minute stocking stuffers that scream Rockford.

1. A Beef-a-Roo Holiday Calendar or Mug

2. IceHogs Tickets

3. This 815 Ornament from Culture Shock

4. A Yummy Smelling Candle From Candle Crest

5. Rockford Buttons from RAD

6. Sock Monkey Socks...or a Sock Monkey

7. Rockford Rivets Gift Bundle with Tickets and Cheap Trick Bobble Head

What are some other fun Rockford themed things would you like to see in your stocking this year?

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