If you haven't been sick in the last three weeks, you should probably play the lottery, because you are seriously lucky. If you have been sick, let's talk about why it's not that bad.

Being sick sucks. I'm with you on that, I've been dealing with bronchitis for the last few weeks and it's terrible. I feel gross and I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm gross, too. But, there are seven reasons why being sick right now does not suck.

  1. EVERYONE is sick right now. Fine, there might be like four people in the Midwest who aren't sick right now, but I don't know them. Everyone I know is either currently sick or was sick sometime in the last three weeks. This is a good thing because you feel less terrible about spreading your germs, cuz everyone already has them.
  2. It's also way easier to deal with feeling crappy when everyone else around you feels like garbage, too.
  3. January is the worst, you might as well cough through it. Unless your birthday in is January, you probably dislike it. I'm sorry if your birthday is soon, that sucks because everyone is sick and everyone hates January. It's beyond freezing and Santa is not coming back for 11 and a half months. So be sick in January, it sure beats being sick in July.
  4. You are missing absolutely nothing if you go to bed at 8:30. There are no Christmas specials, no new episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy.' There are just weird game shows. There are no midweek holiday meet-ups, and you don't have to go shopping for one more present.
  5. Medicine is on sale. Mucinex is never discounted in June. You might want to stock up even if you're not sick right now.
  6. If you're on a diet, you'll probably stick to it. Usually you crave chips and candy, but let's face it, your taste buds aren't working this week anyway, bring on the steamed vegetables.
  7. Coughing burns up to three calories a cough... so you're totally getting thinner without even trying.

So let's just get healthy by February? February kind of sucks too, how about March.

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