Can Flu season be over already? I'm tired of being paranoid any time I hear someone sniffle or sneeze in public. I've taken a lot of preventative measures this year and I've still gotten sick ... TWICE! But it turns out there was one box I left unchecked when taking all my precautions.

I have never thought to clean my phone. And now I feel really dumb. Because DUH, think about it. It's the one item you're ALWAYS using. Not only are you always touching it, you always are talking into it. And on top of that we bring it into the bathroom, and use it while going!

That's A LOT of germs. WTVO details -

According to a study done by Time Magazine, cell phones can have over 17,000 different strains of bacteria. In some cases, it can be 10 times worse than a toilet bowl.

Nasty. So it's time to clean your phone. And here's how you do it according to WTVO -

People should clean their phone a few times each month with a mixture of water and cleaning alcohol.

So keep your hands washed and leave your phone OUTSIDE of the bathroom. And wash your phone every so often.

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