Nope. There's no way I wash all of  these things everyday. Great, now I feel like I need to deep clean this weekend.

While some people might call me, Messy Michelle, I promise I'm a clean person. I shower every day, sometimes twice a day and I am the queen of Clorox wipes. Something is dirty? Let's wipe it!

But, after reading this story from Cosmo, I think maybe I'm not as clean as I thought I was.

These are the 7 things we need to wash on a daily basis, and I have to guess that you don't wash them all every day either...

  1. Hand Towels - considered the most contaminated spot in the kitchen by the USDA.
  2. Kitchen Counters - don't use one wipe across multiple surfaces, switch it up to make sure you're cleaning, not spreading germs.
  3. Shower Walls - dry the walls after you shower every time.
  4. Sinks - sanitize the sink every day.
  5. Dirty Dishes - they get grosser as they sit all day.
  6. Coffee Maker - it's a coffee maker, not self-cleaner.
  7. Floors - there are more crumbs than you think on your floors.