When else can you listen to musical soundtracks in your sports bra?

I don't lie alone, I live with my roommate Melissa and she's awesome. Part of the reason why she's still so awesome even after living together for almost two months is probably because we rarely see each other.

We literally spend a few hours together at our apartment each week. We see each other outside of our apartment at a bar or at our friends' house more than in the apartment, and while I definitely wish we spent more time together, we might be in the process of having the most successful roommate-ship in history.

Having an opposite schedule than Melly means I have a lot of solo free time at my apartment which brings us to the list of the 9 Best Things About Being Home Alone, originally titled, 9 of the Very Best Things About Living Alone from Apartment Therapy.

Although Apartment Therapy listed these as things you do when you live alone, I can promise you do them when you have a roommate who works a different schedule than you do.

  1. Singing out loud
  2. Watching whatever you want to watch
  3. Being as clean or messy as you want to
  4. Taking a really long time in the bathroom
  5. Adjusting the temperature at a whim
  6. Doing exactly what you want, decor-wise
  7. Talking to your pets in weird voices
  8. Hosting spontaneous gatherings
  9. Just being weird