A vacation is a vacation, right?

'Tis the season for decorating your Christmas tree, holiday shopping and end of the year vacations.

If you're single and child-less, you could venture off on a vacation alone. Or, you can go on vacation with your parents.

I still get lost driving to work sometimes and I've been here for over three years, so I have opted for the latter. Vacation with your parents? Sounds a little iffy, but, I promise there are reasons why you should do it, too. Here are the top 9.

  1. They asked you. We just established that you're single and child-less. You're also almost 30, so chances are most of your friends are not single and child-less. If you don't go on vacation with your parents, your options are pretty limited. AND NO ONE ELSE ASKED YOU.
  2. You haven't taken an actual vacation from work, ever. Seeing that this is the only job I've ever had that provides me with vacation days, it's not that insane that I haven't taken an actual vacation prior to working here, but it's been three years, I think I can take a week off.
  3. They're going somewhere warm in December. Rockford = cold. Warm = better.
  4. They are going to buy you food the entire time you're there. I hope that your parents are much like mine in the sense that they will take me to dinner and pay for my food. I pretty much eat appetizers and side salads, so I'm a pretty cheap date when it comes to food... but...
  5. They'll probably buy you drinks, too. The drinks I drink aren't as cheap as the food I eat. Margaritas? Daiquiris? Wine? That adds up. Hopefully my parents will buy me at least one of those.
  6. You're single. Remember? This was part of #1. You might as well go with the two people on the planet who love you no matter what.
  7. They'll take care of arranging transportation. Dealing with rides to the airport and parking is the WORST. Thanks, parents.
  8. When you get back, your siblings that usually ignore you will actually be interested in how it went. Shout out to all the youngest children out there!
  9. People will literally throw things at you if you say your parents invited you to Hawaii and you said no.

On that note, I'm going to Hawaii with my parents next week... for like 3.5 days... don't miss me too much. I'll be Instagramming my trip and probably realizing that 'Hawaii with my parents' is pretty lame, but the good kind of lame.

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