Less than an hour from Rockford... and less than a minute from my house in Barrington, IL.  Two turns out of my driveway and I'm cruising down the haunted highway.  Where to begin with Cuba Road?  I guess we'll start with the main attraction, The White Cemetery.

I have heard so many stories personally about this place, but the internet is a goldmine of experiences.  Here is just one of the links with descriptions/videos of the paranormal activity (seeing orbs, being followed by a truck, disappearing houses, sounds of footsteps, & more).

My brother dragged me to this cemetery in the middle of the night with a film camera for a school photo project once.  I was 5 or so, dressed up as a ghost, standing in the middle of the cemetery at 3:00 AM.  Did I feel the most terror I've ever felt?  100%. I still remember the unsettling feeling.

Continuing on you'll find Rainbow Rd.  My radio gets staticky when I drive down this road, and it does for my friends too.  One ghost story author said,

For Chicagoland ghosthunters, Cuba Road is the single most notorious haunted site north of southwest suburban Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

And that's not even all of it.  Road trip anyone?

Read more here.

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