Recently it's been hard to find a Green Bay Packer that isn't all about himself. Someone that doesn't have all the answers about a worldwide virus and how to handle it. Someone that doesn't purposely b.s. and then quickly backtracks when he realizes he sounds like a moron. But enough about #12, let's talk about his go to wide receiver and apparently a damn nice guy, Davante Adams.

Not only is Davante an amazing wide receiver (Yes, I'm a Bears fan) seriously, he's one of the best if not THE BEST in the NFL. He's super quick, amazing hands, and can make a play happen out of nothing.

Here's a great video clip from last nights game. Davante catches a pass and makes his way out of bounds...By the way, ever wonder why there are so many people on the sidelines? Like I understand players and coaches and the chain gang, etc...But does it seem like a CRAZY amount of people in recent years? Anyway...

Davante catches a pass, makes his way out of bounds and BAM knocks over a random sideline guy. He's wearing Green Bay Packer gear so some sort of employee of the team. What #17 does next will make you smile for sure, check out this video clip:

My favorite part, he never lets go of the ball. Ball in hand helps him up. Sets ball on ground, grabs the man's hat and puts it back on his head. Great stuff here!

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