If you're a Sex and the City Fan, you might recall season 6, when Carrie was dating renowned Russian artist, Alexandr Petrovsky.

For a majority of the second half of the season, Petrovsky was immersed in his artwork that would seen be on display in Paris; but it wasn't your typical artsy pieces like sculptures or paintings; they were giant light installations.

Unfortunately, after moving to Paris to be with her "lovah"...and the light installations, things didn't quite work out.

Carrie never did get to see Petrovsky's light exhibit, and maybe if she had, things would've ended up much differently. I'm guessing she had no idea it would look like what we're seeing at Nicholas Conservatory through the eyes of Bruce Munro.

According to WREX, the Bruce Munro Light Exhibit at the Nicholas Conservatory is getting national attention from USA Today for being one of the best museum exhibits to visit this fall, in the entire U.S.

While I haven't seen the exhibit in person yet, every time I drive by the Nicholas Conservatory and see the beautifully lit bulbs perfectly placed around the garden grounds, I think of that final season of Sex and the City and what could've been.

Have you seen the Bruce Munro light exhibit yet?

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