While I'm sure there can only be one truly amazing Pizza Pot Pie, this might be the closest thing to it in Rockford.

I'm only making the assumption based on how it looks, but the Salamone's North in Rockford is making something that looks kind of like the thing that made the Oven Grinder in Chicago famous.

Now, it's not quite as saucy looking as the OG Pizza Pot Pie, the latest addition to Salamone's North, 2583 North Mulford Road, dubbed the Italian Beef Bowl sounds just as amazing.

This bread bowl is filled with beef and your choice of hot or mild giardiniera, topped with mozzarella cheese, baked and served in a bowl of au jus.

So while it only looks like the legendary Oven Grinder Pizza Pot Pie, it's probably a different experience. Although, I'm certain it'll be the same for anyone in Rockford who'd like to expand their taste palate.

One small catch, you can only get the Italian Beef Bowl on Monday at Salamone's North.

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