Here's a great reason to make sure you have your own bags the next time you go shopping.

My biggest problem with that is I always forget mine but if this new statewide bag tax becomes a thing, I'm sure I'll start remembering.

A new tax introduced by state Sen. Terry Link, D-Gurnee, would charge Illinois shoppers statewide an extra 7 cents per plastic bag.

Here's the kicker on the proposed bag tax, "No U.S. state currently collects a statewide plastic bag tax."

Here's the biggest kicker "neighboring states such as Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana all have state laws on the books preventing local bag taxes."

Oof. This all sounds real bad and it might be coming to Rockford sooner than we like.

Let's not totally freak out yet, because there hasn't been much more than just a proposal at the moment, we'll see how far it gets.

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