I don't mean actually pretend, or "virtually" get your haircut, I mean having a real professional assist you or someone else during the process.

Every salon and barber is closed in the Rockford area. I have been going on 10 weeks without a haircut. Famously (or infamously) I get a haircut every 5 weeks.

Like clockwork, and just when my hair grows out, it's time for me to see Adrienne at WM Day Spa.

Well, like everyone I haven't and quite honestly, the lack of hair cut has been one the most difficult adjustment to sheltering-in-place. I'm a homebody anyway and don't tell anyone, kind of an introvert, so this stay at home stuff doesn't bother me as much as everyone else.

That said, I still like going out and I LOVE the routine. Such as the "every 5 weeks haircut." I also love my weekly trips to my favorite restaurants and monthly movies or live shows.

So, while I can still watch movies and grab to-go orders to get my fix of "routine" life, I still can't get a haircut.

I've asked my wife to cut my hair. You know, a buzzcut. She doesn't cut hair, and I know as well as her that the end result will be awful, so I've backed off.

So I decided to Google "drive-thru haircuts" in hopes of finding someone somewhere doing something as ridiculous as giving haircuts to people in their cars. I can picture a line of cars with a man or woman sticking their head out the driverside window while a hazmat suit-wearing hairstylist or barber would clip away.

That search (thankfully) came up empty but I did land on "The Art (and Awkwardness) of a Virtual Haircut" on the New York Times website.

The story chronicles a man paying someone to walk his wife through how to cut his hair at home. It's a genius idea, and something I think everyone who cuts hair should consider.

The stylist in the story charged $55 for the video consultation. Good work if you can find it and in these desperate times, you'll do what you have to in order to get your hair cut.

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