This Illinois barber knows how to bless his clients with the hottest cuts on the planet.

Haircuts are important to people, especially when you're in a relationship and you've kinda "let yourself go" in the grooming department.  That's where this barber from Elgin is here to save the day.

On TikTok, I came across this barber @ShortyBlendss, aka Emilio Chavez.  He posts videos transforming his clients into entirely different people with a single haircut, fade and crispy line work all around.

I mean... look at this before and after?!  Is that even the same person?

TikTok - ShortBlendss
TikTok - ShortyBlendss

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As of lately, Emilio asks his clients (mainly men) why they booked their appointment with him and MOST of their responses are, "My lady found you on TikTok" like this client...

...or "My lady was tired of seeing me get f*cked up haircuts" like this guy haha.  They're really out here listening to their girls' requests and I'm totally here for it!

After all... we do know best.

So, Emilio does what he does best: gives his clients a cut they deserve.

With over 200,000+ followers, 11.5M likes combined on all his TikToks, and views anywhere from 1 million to 9 million views, this is the barber you should trust with your life.

After seeing this transformation, I'm literally booking an appointment with this man.  He's tooooooo good and I haven't seen a single client unhappy.

TikTok - ShortyBlendss
TikTok - ShortyBlendss

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I went down a freakin' rabbit hole watching every single one of his videos just like the rest of the TikTok world.  So, next time you're in Elgin, Illinois and need a fresh fade, maybe Emilio can hook you up at In The Cut Hair Studios.

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