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Back in 1894 the Barber-Coleman Company began. Years and years later, through changes in Rockford, new buildings, new divisions, new structures, Barber Coleman Company has employed thousands of out friends and family.

The Rock Street in Loves Park is now owned by the City of Rockford (purchased in 2002) there is so much rich history with this facility and Barber-Coleman which is one of the largest manufacturing plants in the history of Rockford.

This video of an the abandoned Barber-Coleman Company also known as the Reed-Chatwood Factory in Rockford, has its "old creepy vibe" to it, of course. Anytime you go through any old abandoned building you can't help but get a chill. This structure is located at 100 Loomis, Rock Street in Rockford.

Colman's textile production inventions led the company on its rapid rise as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of diversified products. Specific items designed for the textile industry included the Hand Knotter and the Warp Tying Machine. Through these innovations, Barber & Colman was able to build its first plant on Rock Street in Rockford's Water Power District, and to establish branch offices in Boston MA and Manchester, England. - Kevin Key

There was actually a school at one point for those interested in working for Barber-Coleman at one point. The Barber-Colman Continuation School was for "boys only" 16 and older. This was a three year program, was training that included pay and was part of the Rockford Vocational School.

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