There are a lot of fascinating and usual abandoned homes and businesses in Illinois, like this old truck stop/motel with old toys tethered to the door and windows. Get ready for something else that will require a closer look and an explanation.

I came across another piece of property that looks like another boarded-up home you might find in Illinois.

Credit: Denise Eskew

Judging by the look of this former home, it appears as though there were many memories created inside. Sadly, it's closed up, rotting away.


At first glance, you might not see anything out of the ordinary. This is why I would like you to take a closer look.

Credit: Denise Eskew

Now, to be clear I am not just seeing things or imagining things, I showed the above image to my children and asked them to tell me anything they see that is weird. My youngest said, "boards on the windows." I said, "that's right, sweetie", and quickly moved to my oldest's answer. He saw exactly what I saw, maybe you will too.


You've probably scrolled up, look at the photo, and thought, "What am I missing? What is he seeing that I'm not?"

Here's another look:

Credit: Denise Eskew

Do you notice the far right curtain on the upper level? I'll help it stand out a little bit more.

Credit: Denise Eskew

What the heck is that?! Is someone or something peeking from behind the curtain. It looks like it.


Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

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