Sometimes coming in last place is the worst, but for the Chicago Bears, it might end up being the best.

This Bears season was disgusting. You can argue with me, but why would you waste your time?

Jay Cutler was injured almost the entire season, tickets to the final home game were going for $20, and they couldn't even win 1/5 of their season. Yuck.

Thus, they took the last place title in the entire NFL.

Which made Alshon Jeffrey's guarantee that the Bears will "win the Super Bowl next year," kind of shocking.

Alshon, buddy, what are you thinking?

But... maybe he is on to something. Let's forget our anger toward Cutler and the linebackers, and think about what positives can come out of their last place season.

Coming in last place may be exactly what they needed, because, they are set up with the "easiest" schedule for 2017.

(I put "easiest" in quotes because you and I both know that any team can win on any day, but according to trustworthy sources, this schedule should be very easy.)

The Bears schedule, of course, includes the rest of the NFC North: the Lions, Packers and Vikings, but then they'll take on the Falcons, the Panthers, the Steelers, the 49'ers, the Ravens, the Bengals, the Saints, the Eagles and the Buccaneers.

Maybe the Chicago Bears will take on 2017 like the Chicago Cubs took on 2016? We can dream right?

Bear Down... next year.

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