Apparently, tons of Amazon accounts got hacked and criminals added false delivery addresses to users' accounts without their knowledge.

I saw a friend share on Facebook that her Amazon account got hacked and someone had added a ton of Amazon Hub Locker addresses to her account that were not hers.  Luckily, she caught it in time before she clicked "order" and removed them.

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URGENT: Massive Amazon Account Hacking Strikes Thousands in Illinois

What started as a rumor, lead to an Amazon spokesperson saying it was just an error and they were working to fix the issue as fast as they could.

"According to the rumor, the added addresses were fraudulently labeled and were not actually official Amazon pickup locations. The rumor appeared to say that the actual number and street name for each address led to locations that could be accessed by criminals, which would allow them to order products and then receive them, all on an innocent Amazon user's dime." [snopes]

This is the post I saw on Facebook that had been blowing up.

Dionne Perry - FB
Dionne Perry - FB

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This is probably one of the saddest scams I've seen in a while - if it's even really happening.  Though it's possible, the Amazon spokesperson said this was nothing more than "copypasta".

"Copypasta" is internet slang for rumors that users spread by copying posts and pasting them on their own accounts, which then get shared over and over." [snopes]

If you order from Amazon frequently, especially during the holidays, make sure to DOUBLE CHECK your delivery addresses before ordering.  It doesn't hurt to make sure all your information is correct.  Also, change your passwords often to protect yourself and your accounts!

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