If you receive a call from someone claiming to be the Illinois State Police, double check who's actually calling you. Don't fall for a new scam targeting Illinois residents.

We've been through this time and time again: endless scams sweeping across Illinois.  From text message scamsdollar bill scams, gift card scams, and one of the newest Illinois I-PASS text scams, it's a never-ending cycle to fall into a trap these days!

Well, what have we here?  A new warning from the Illinois State Police.

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Illinois State Police Warn About Dangerous Phone Scammers

The Illinois State Police (ISP) issued a warning about a phone scam involving individuals posing as state police special agents to solicit personal and financial information.

Over the past few days, the ISP received several calls from people claimed they were contacted by someone "claiming to be an ISP investigator".

Many callers stated their identity had been compromised.

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If you're questioning whether you fell for the scam and gave away personal information to phone scammers, you can always visit the ISP's website to confirm an agent actually called you.

The ISP clarified that their special agents will never initiate cold calls to request personal or financial details.

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Those who provided personal/financial information are encouraged to place a free credit freeze to block new credit accounts from being opened in their name.

For further assistance, the Illinois Attorney General's Office offers support through an identity theft hotline, available at 866-999-5630.

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