With summer around the corner, tons of people are planning parties, celebrations, and reunions in Illinois.  Be careful where you book, though!  You could be getting scammed.

You're planning a party and need a venue, bouncy houses, chairs, tables, and everything to make your party perfect.  When searching for rentals in your area, be sure to verify the company you're working with is legitimate and credible.

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So many scammers are posing as "real" rentals companies for all your celebration needs and we don't want you to be left empty-handed on your party day!


BBB Warns: Watch Out For Party Rental Scams In Illinois

Here's how the scam works:

  • You do a quick Google search to find rentals in your area.  The top results could be a mix of real and fake companies to book with who are "sponsored".
  • The company promises to reserve your rentals for your party date, you pay a deposit in advance, and fill out a contact form with your personal details.
  • Your party date arrives and your rental furniture and supplies don't arrive.  The vendor will probably say they had an emergency and couldn't deliver as promised.  Then they disappear when you ask for your money back.

At this point, the scam company has either removed their listing from Google and blocked your phone number so you have no way of reaching out.


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Avoid being conned out of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars and do your research before giving any deposits to anyone.

Post on Facebook and ask your friends where you should get rentals from - most friends will give you real reviews and experiences so you can decide where to put your money!

Tons of scams have been hitting Illinois residents lately.  One of the biggest scams is the I-PASS text message you should look out for.  Plus, scammers are claiming to be the Illinois State Police via a phone call.  If it seems too good to be true, go with your gut instinct!

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