Imagine sitting down at your local theater, popcorn in hand but your keys slide out of your pocket on to the floor.

Obviously, you'd stop what you're doing, and turn the flashlight on your phone and try to find your keys.

That's what Corey Virgilio did when he went to his local AMC Theater recently. When Virgilio dropped his keys he turned on his flashlight to find them. What Virgilio found was scarier than anything playing on the big screen these days.

Virgilio shared the horrifying video of his run in at AMC, saying "never have I been so disgusted."

Yikes. We've had our fair share of bugs in Rockford theaters too.  A Rockford area woman complained of bed bugs infesting Showplace 16 in 2017.

Virgilio's Facebook video has over 12,000 views and has been shared 200 times.

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