AMC Theaters is hoping that you've gotten good and tired of watching movies from your couch, and that you're up for the movie-going experience once again.

They're betting that after 5 months of being closed due to the pandemic, lovers of the big screen have been itching to get back out of the house and into one of their theaters.

Some quick polling around the radio stations in our building says that most of the people I polled (or, caught in the hallway before they could get away) are taking a "wait and see" attitude.

Translation: "I'm not going to be there for the first showing on the first day, but if we don't have an outbreak after a week or so, I might be going."

AMC is not betting the entire franchise on people making a quick return to their theaters, as they're opening around 100 cinemas, which is about one-sixth of their U.S. locations.

Other pandemic-inspired changes include only operating at 30% seating capacity, with every other row of seats blocked out and spaces for social distancing, every auditorium being cleaned between each showtime, and including electrostatic spray cleaning, wipes, and sanitizers throughout the theaters.

As far as masks or face coverings go, you'll need to wear one at all times unless you're eating or drinking, and ticket buying/concessions will be done "contact-less" whenever possible.

AMC is also promoting today's reopening with something called “Movies in 2020 at 1920 Prices,” which means for today's reopening only, all tickets at AMC will be priced at 15 cents.


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