There's a movie theater in Wisconsin that movie-goers thought was a nice, hidden gem.  Sorry to say, it isn't a secret much longer!

I remember going to the movies in Rockford at least three times a month before Covid hit.  Now, I rarely even go.

I can't justify paying an arm and a leg to watch a movie, lying my head against a dirty headrest, or being annoyed by the person in front of me on their phone the whole time.


I might have to make a visit to this Wisconsin movie theater, though.  Everyone, and I mean everyone and their mother, said the experience is amazing at this cinema.

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Illinois & Wisconsin Agree This Is The #1 Best Stateline Movie Theater

Ever been to Classic Cinemas in Beloit, Wisconsin?

According to Facebook fans, it's the best for many reasons.

"Classic Cinemas Beloit is the best...hands down! The other theaters in the area are nothing compared to the heated, reclining seats and delicious popcorn they have there...not to mention $5 Movie Nights on Tuesdays!" [Angie, FB]

Okay, I keep hearing about these reclining seats... I found photos of them.

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I'd fall asleep the second I sit down.  These look AWESOME!

Heather B. said the recliners are super comfortable, but sometimes it's too loud for the kiddos.  Perfect if you have noise-reducing headphones.

Some even said they drive 20... even 30 minutes to go to Classic Cinemas because prices are more affordable, plus $5 movie nights on Tuesdays!

So many people said they prefer Classic Cinemas over AMC Theaters because of the cleanliness, too. Oh, and the popcorn is better... you agree?!

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You could say guests at Classic Cinemas get pretty spoiled when they visit this movie theater.  Even if there isn't a movie worth seeing, I'm still gonna go because I need to test out these seats everyone has been raving about!

It also gives me a reason to indulge in a ton of candy and sugar lol.

So, let's forget the sticky seats, dirty headrests, and shared cupholders.  If you want a cinema experience that's worth it, maybe Classic Cinemas is your new favorite place!  Located at 2799 Cranston Rd, Beloit.

Other movie theaters that made the list of the best in the Stateline:

  • The Lindo in Freeport 
  • Cinemark in Dundee
  • State Street in Sycamore
  • AMC Market Square 10 in Dekalb
  • Janesville Theater
  • AMC in Barrington
  • Midway Drive-In
  • Meadowview Theatre in Kankakee

If I had to decide between Showplace 16 and 14, I'd pick 14.  It's smaller, less traffic, and I like the vibe more.  What about you?

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