This won't help American Airlines customer service ratings.

It's actually a very sad story. A 67-year-old woman, Olimpia Warsaw, flew to Chicago to for her ex-husband's funeral.

Her son, Claude Coltea had taken Warsaw back to the airport after the proceedings,  before having to leave for his own flight out of town.

After Coltea left, that's when Warsaw's flight back to Detroit was canceled.

According to Yahoo, Coltea claims, "they (an American Airlines porter) took his mom to the front of Chicago O’Hare International Airport and then left because their shift was over."

So there she was a 67-year-old lady who reportedly has Parkinson's, diabetes, and trouble walking with no one to help. No help. No concern.

After news broke about Warsaw's abandonment, American Airlines issued a statement regarding the incident, spoke with the family and refunded her ticket.

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