Simon Cowell and America's Got Talent pranked Sofia Vergara into believing that she shot her fellow judge with an arrow.

After judging for the first time last season, Vergara has been notably petrified of danger acts. On the Tuesday (June 22) episode of AGT, Cowell decided to prank her by enlisting former contestants Ryan and Amberlynn Stock. Previously, during the Season 11 live shows, Amberlynn accidentally shot Ryan with a crossbow during a stunt gone wrong.

"I don’t know you guys but I’ve heard the stories," Vergara said before Ryan reminded her of their previous failed performance.

"I was shot in the neck with a flaming arrow," Ryan told the judges of the incident.

Their prank audition began with crossbow stunts. One of the most impressive tricks was when Amberlynn successfully shot an arrow through a balloon that Ryan held with his mouth, all while she was blindfolded.

The couple then invited Cowell and Vergara to the stage to participate in a stunt of their own. Vergara was blindfolded and brought to the crossbow so Amberlynn could help her attempt to shoot an arrow above Cowell's head. While she was getting ready, the AGT production team stepped in to attach a fake prop arrow to Cowell's chest, along with fake blood on his shirt.

Vergara released the trigger for the unloaded crossbow and the crowd played along and gasped. She took off her blindfold to see Cowell on the ground, acting like he was in pain and had been shot, while host Terry Crews ran to him and yelled for a medic. Vergara was visibly in shock.

Seconds later, Cowell told Crews to bring Vergara to him, and then he whispered to her: "I got you. I’m alive."

Though the actress was seemingly upset by the prank, she was also simultaneously relieved that she did not actually injure Cowell. The segment concluded with a promise from Vergara to Cowell: "You know I’m Colombian and we get revenge!"

Watch the wild moment, below.

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