An Illinois town just decided to change Halloween as they see it.

For thousands of years, Halloween has been celebrated on October 31.


It's not one of those rotating days of the year like Thanksgiving or Memorial Day. We have a vague idea when those holidays pop up but not Halloween. It's the same day every year.

Some years it's more convenient for trick-or-treaters and their parents, and some years it's not. Apparently, Halloween on Tuesday is just too much so that means things are going to change.

One small Illinois town, Pecatonica, has already made the shift to Sunday, October 29 as the day to dole out candy.

Halloween Jack o Lantern pail, top view with spilling candy

It looks like they're not alone as nearby Byron has also announced trick or treat will happen on the same day.

Not sure why the change has been made but folks on Facebook in Byron are, let's say, "unhappy" with the development:

How to tic off a community

The community should have gotten a vote

We are doing it on Halloween and NOT on SUNDAY

and then the kicker:

Is it Sunday or Tuesday cause we're coming to Byron on Sunday and doing Oregon Tuesday if that's the case.


Usually, I would laugh that last one off but there may be some residents who live in a neighborhood where there is a sidewalk. In case you're not aware, sidewalks are integral to the trick-or-treat experience. In Byron, there aren't many sidewalks. So, the neighborhoods or subdivisions that have sidewalks are usually the most busy on Halloween.

So anyway, what does that mean now? Does that mean the family that already spends a ton on candy because they live in a sidewalk subdivision should get ready to buy more? if you already spend a grip on Halloween candy for only one day, can you imagine what that would cost for two? I'm just asking for a friend.

Halloween is usually chaos, but by inadvertently making it a two-day event, it's going to be insane.

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