We've all heard it before whether you've been to a game live, watched it on TV, or even listened to it on the radio. Sirius by Alan Parsons Project plays, then "And now the starting line-up for your Chicago Bulls!" To me its still the most iconic way a team is announced. I've been to sporting events all over this country at all levels of professionalism and there's just something about the way the Bulls have done it that stands out. Maybe I'm a little biased growing up in the days of Jordan and feeling that excitement whenever the Bulls would play, but that intro is far and away the best. There have been different voices through the years but theme remains the same.

So who came up with this? A man by the name of Tommy Edwards. Don't feel bad if you don't know his name, many don't, but because of him many memories you have of the Bulls are possible. He's the one who started introducing the team that way, he's the one who began playing Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll, Part 2" and he was the one who started calling the center position "the man in the middle". Now he's the man who gets to ride off into the sunset after Saturday night's game against the Rockets according to NBC Sports.

Edwards has held the role of PA announcer for the Bulls at a few different points in his career, unfortunately missing those great championships of the 90's, but he returned in 2006 and has been doing it since. As he gets ready to call it a career and I'm sure is reminiscing on all the fun times he had doing a job he loved, all we can do is say thanks for the memories and the genius to transform how sports, music, and entertainment all mesh together.

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