Over the past few years, we've kind of lucked out when it comes to major national and regional restaurant chains opening up spots in Rockford.

First, we got Portillo's, and just last year Lou Malnati's, both Chicagoland favorites.

Now it looks like the push is on to get a White Castle to come to Rockford.

Nothing official, just some chatter on the Rockford subReddit that I noticed and thought, "Hey, great idea."

After all, we got two other restaurants popularized from our trips to Chicago from Rockford, so why not White Castle?

Not everyone is on board with the idea a White Castle in Rockford will be successful. Someone on Reddit said, "I feel like it would be packed to start out and then go downhill quickly...kind of like Sonic."

While that's certainly possible, there's a reason why a White Castle might make it in Rockford, "Open a White Castle by the dispensary I'm sure they'd have no issue staying open."

There's used to be a White Castle in DeKalb but the closest to us in Rockford is at 241 North Randall Road in Algonquin.

After the apparent success of Portillo's and Lou Malnati's in Rockford, do you think we'd end up getting a White Castle?

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