I'm not gonna lie to you... this isn't going to be your classic Thanksgiving feast.  It is full of fall flavors, but it's not the meal you're used to eating.  Let's start by saying this... meal comes from White Castle.  I love White Castle so no hate whatsoever, but it had to be said eventually.

The company is offering a 'Thanksgiving in a bag' meal.  Genius or disgusting?  Let's talk about what's inside.

According to Bustle, you'll be dining on -

Two bistro turkey sliders, six original sliders, and a sack of sweet potato fries all for $7.99.

In case you haven't heard of the turkey sliders before here's what they're like -

White Castle's turkey sliders are made with white-meat Butterball turkey, just like the kind you have at Thanksgiving. For 99 cents each, customers can choose to have their turkey burger topped with what the chain is calling "tangy-licious" bistro sauce or with cheddar cheese and cinnamon apple butter.


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Raise your hand if going to get Turkey Sliders is the only “Turkey Run” you’re doing this week.

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Most white castle locations are about an hour from Rockford, but hey, who wouldn't take a little road trip for a Thanksgiving meal in a bag?

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