When you sign up for Amazon Prime delivery, you expect to get your order in a couple of days.

I know, when COVID hit, all bets were off, and we all knew that things were going to change. However, when Amazon (along with the rest of us) figured out how to start living in the "new normal" most deliveries resumed to an almost "normal" clip.

However, when two-day delivery via Amazon got switched to seven days for some zip codes in Rockford a year ago, there are still some experiencing longer than normal wait times.

A few days ago, a question popped up on Rockford Reddit wondering if everyone is still saddled with seven-day delivery times?

u/xberry on Reddit:

Ordering "Prime" items still takes a week to be delivered. However, if I change the address to Loves Park, it qualifies for two day delivery!

Some of the zip codes highlighted by Reddit users include 61114, 61111, and 61084 in Stillman Valley.

Not sure if it's a permanent change or if it's just a symptom of the current environment but if you live in one of the zip codes in the Rockford area where Prime Delivery changed from two days to seven, I feel your pain.

Have you had the same experience with Amazon delivery in the past year? Share your zip code and I'll add it to the list.

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