It's more than just a "pink" moon in Rockford, it's a huge moon.

The full moon will be three days past perigee, the point in its orbit where the natural satellite is nearest to Earth, so it will almost be a 'supermoon,' appearing larger than average.

If you think you'll see a big Pink Moon tonight, think again. The moon isn't really pink.

Despite its nickname, the upcoming full moon will not actually appear pink. However, the moon can sometimes appear yellow, orange or even red depending on atmospheric conditions right as it first peers above the horizon.

The best time to view the Pink Moon already occurred this morning at 6:12 a.m. according to Time And

You should still be able to take a peek at the Pink Moon tonight but if you miss out, a Lyrid meteor shower is supposed to happen on Sunday night.

Looks like we have plenty of reasons to look up this weekend.

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