Every once in a while a video pops up that makes you do a second or third take...Whoa, wait, is that real?

There's always a handful of go-to "that's really what we are looking at" when people claim they witnessed a UFO:

Weather Balloons

Military Exercise


Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube
Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

I have to admit, I watched this one several times and I'm still at a loss for words. I want to be that "oh I figured it out" guy, but this sighting is unusual.

What starts as lights in the sky, turns into lights in the sky in formations, and a strange flying pattern....hmm. Weather balloons, no.


So here's the set up for this Illinois UFO sighting:

Eyewitness states: Red glowing lights in formation flying towards Lake Michigan and vanished in mid air.  Beach Park IL.

UFO landing in the forest meadow.
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So here we are, what are your thoughts on this? The amount of time that they kinda "hang around" for people is super crazy. Check this out:

Check out these "believing" responses:

My Sh*t -  I seen something similar to this during the summer of 2021 when me, my brother and my cousin were night fishing in Iowa. The only difference was there were close to 100 that we seen. Moving from the north to the south and then they disappeared. Then out of nowhere a fish ended up on the bank like 15ft behind us

 Azathoth complete - This very same thing happened in Ann Arbor, Michigan 9 years ago, except there were 12 of them and one group of them split off into another direction

Tyler - I don’t know personally I think they’re just planes taking off in sync but however traveling at that speed in synchronous order something is up it’s pretty hard to get separate objects to travel in a certain pattern like that unless they’re remote controlled like a drone but who knows

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