I saw Ariana Grande wearing an oversized hoodie, so I wore an oversized hoodie.

The 'Mean Girls' reference was just too perfect to pass up, sorry, I had to. Let's start by saying this, Ari didn't invent this look. I've been wearing XL hoodies my whole life when my actual size is a small. It's just the comfiest option. Well, looks like Ari has inspired the rest of the world to live their most comfortable life.

According to Billboard, fashion search website Lyst compiled a list of the musicians who had the biggest impact on fashion in 2018, and topping the list was none other than Ariana Grande. While you may have thought that the item that cause a 130 percent spike in searches was Grande's famous ponytail, it was actually her hoodies.

Throw on some thigh-high boots and you'll have a full Ari inspired outfit. I just want to personally thank Ari for making the oversized hoodie trend a lot more socially acceptable. I feel like for years people have thought it looks sloppy, but thanks to Ari, my XL Walmart men's hoodies are now trendy. Here's to a comfy 2019!

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