A man is in custody after kidnapping his girlfriend and attempting to kill her on a road trip from Illinois to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nathaniel Foutch-Pratt is facing six felony charges from kidnapping, to attempted murder and domestic violence charges after the horrific events unfolded on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024.

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Living in a world where we have to worry about whether our closest friends and family are trustworthy is actually insane to think about.  Sometimes the motive behind some of these news stories can never be solved, but the motive in this situation is bizarre.

Man Attempts To Murder Girlfriend On Road Trip From Illinois To Las Vegas

Nathaniel and his girlfriend were staying at the Strat Hotel in Las Vegas during a road trip when he became extremely paranoid.  According to reports, he started saying “she was assisting the government in spying." 

Shortly after, the couple went to get marijuana and that's when everything took a turn for the worse inside the vehicle.

"The suspect said the girlfriend “needed to die,” according to the arrest report. The woman got scared and tried to call for help when he took her phone. The suspect allegedly then hit her when she tried to stop the car." [kktv]

Luckily, police were conducting a traffic stop nearby and spotted the girlfriend sticking her head out the car window mouthing "help me."  Police stopped their unrelated traffic stop and pursued the vehicle to save the girlfriend.


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Nathaniel took police on a high-speed chase that finally ended on US 95.  He wouldn't exit the vehicle so police approached the vehicle.  Nathaniel was attempting to strangle his girlfriend with a seatbelt strap while screaming, "she has to die tonight." 

Eventually, he was arrested and was denied bail.  He is now facing six felony charges from kidnapping, to attempted murder and domestic violence charges.

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