A Chicago guy defended his home by fighting off a would-be burglar using a frying pan.

Chicago Dude Fights Off Burglar with Frying Pan

Jason Williams, who was returning home from work, was immediately alerted to the home invasion by a security app, a wild reminder of how vital tech like this is in our lives.

Modern Security Technology Helps Chicago Man Thwart Home Invasion

Quickly thinking, Williams seized the nearest available weapon, a frying pan. He confronted the intruder as they both ran down the stairs.

As I process the events, I am amazed at how Williams confronted the intruder, standing his ground and refusing to let fear dictate his actions.

Security cameras captured the intruder fleeing the house as Williams, wielding the frying pan, chased after them.

Williams told ABC 7 in Chicago, "This could have had a different ending, and I'm glad it had a good one. My wife's not happy about the decision I made... I probably wouldn't do it again, but it is what it is."

Chicago Police Apprehend Suspect After Home Invasion Scare

The Chicago police have confirmed they arrested the suspect, to which I'm sure was a relief for the rest of the neighborhood.

However, it's still unclear whether criminal charges have been brought against them. I wonder if we'll hear something on "fry" day?

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