Her name is Tracey and you've probably seen her with her mobile cafe around Rockford, she's serving coffee, tea and snacks in The Vintage Goose Cafe. 

The first time I met Tracey I was going for a walk with my friend near the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens.

I think it was last fall and we were expecting it to be warmer out than it was, so when we saw a sign for coffee and tea, we beelined for the shiny truck waiting in the parking lot by the Symbol.

There was Tracey inside The Vintage Goose Cafe.

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She invited us to try the English Breakfast tea, which she assured us was delicious and if we didn't think so, she said she'd make us something else.

Of course she was right, it was perfect. And since then Tracey has been whipping up more coffee, tea and snacks for the Rockford area almost every day.

Those snacks by the way... are to die for.

Taminique Blackwell
Taminique Blackwell

Avocado toast and scones top the list of 'must-try' from the mobile cafe.

You can find The Vintage Goose Cafe at Rockford City Market on Friday nights and around town the rest of the week, too.

The best way to keep up with Tracey and the Goose is to follow the cafe on Instagram. 

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Have you tried anything from The Vintage Goose Cafe? What's your favorite sip or snack?

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