This is something every Cub fan already knew but it's nice to get some confirmation. 

Here are the official rankings:

Now do I know exactly what "Outs Above Average" means? Not really but the gist of it is how many outs you recorded versus what an "average" player would record at the same position. It's the same idea behind WAR or "wins above replacement." If these new-fangled metrics annoy you, I have some bad news because this is what baseball is talking about these days.

Second place on this list should intrigue Cub fans as well. Nolan Arenado is the All-Star third baseman for the Rockies who has been rumored lately to be a trade target for the North Siders. That would give the Cubs the best defensive left side of the infield in all of baseball.

Maybe these numbers don't mean anything to you. If that's the case just look at this video and try to find someone who is doing it better.

It's El Mago's mundo and we're all just living in it.

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