Ready to hit the gym but worried that when you get there you'll be out of luck finding a machine? We found the busiest times in Illinois gyms to help you find a better time to hit the tread.

Gym time is important time. Sure health and fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle, but the reason I think gym time is so important is because we don't really want to be there... so anything that's standing in our way once we do arrive is a big problem.

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If you were in line to get cupcakes, you could handle a packed room or having to wait a few minutes for the freshest cakes to be frosted.

But waiting for a machine because you got to the gym at the same time as everyone else did? That's the worst.

Why is why I'm happy to give you the three busiest times at Illinois gyms according to a new study by Set for Set. 

The Busiest Times to Visit a Gym in Illinois

According to their research Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings are the busiest times to be at a gym in Illinois. Specifically Tuesday at 5pm and 6pm and Wednesdays at 5pm.

If you're looking for the quietest times to visit the gym, you'll have to rearrange your sleep schedule, because those times are in the middle of the night. According to their research, Mondays at 1am and 2am are the least busy, followed by Wednesdays at 2am.

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Honestly this makes me pretty happy that I don't usually go to an open gym, but one where you have to reserve your time in advance. Heading to the gym to find out it's too busy for me to hit the treadmill would make me a very unhappy camper.

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