Finding a gym you love is like finding the perfect therapist; you don't know which one is the right fit for you until you've tested the waters!

I've heard a lot of talk that fitness is on everyone's radar for 2024.  The older we get, we start to realize our bodies change shape, we don't have the fast metabolism we had back in high school, and staying active is always a must.


I have been searching for a gym that I can walk into without judgement and feel comfortable in the environment I'm in.  I've been lacking physical activity over the past few years, so I figured it's time to get myself in shape for "hot girl summer" 2024!

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Which gyms in the Rockford area are some of the best around, though?  I took it to Facebook and boy... I didn't know there were this many gyms in the area.

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If you're looking for a new gym to join, here's a list of all the recommendations I was given on Facebook.  Maybe we can be gym buddies!

The Best Gyms In Rockford According To Facebook

Bootcamp Academy in Roscoe AND CrossFit Supercell were the top two fitness centers that were recommended.  Maybe I'll have to see what they're all about!

Maximum Performance in Machesney Park

Maximum Performance in Rockford

Premier Fitness

Planet Fitness in Rockford

Northpointe in Roscoe

Anytime Fitness in Rockford

The FIT in Rockford

Uplift Bungee Fitness in Rockton

The Fitness Zone

Kinetic Grit CrossFit

Movement Fitness Rockford

Oak Strength

Believe Build Become

Orangetheory Fitness Rockford

The YMCA in Rockford

I know there are so many more we can add to this list, but I need your help growing it.  Tell me which Rockford area gyms are the best and maybe you'll see me there!

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