Here's something most parents don't think about every morning- what if it was the last one you got to spend with your child. No parent could ever imagine that one minute they're having breakfast with their son or daughter, talking about work, school and friends, and the next they're kissing them goodbye; not knowing it could be their last.

When Mark Culver saw his son Daniel get ready for school and head to bed on a Sunday night, he had no idea that Daniel would soon go missing.

According to WIFR, Daniel Culver may have gone for a jog on Halloween morning but when he didn't show up for school, his family started to get worried.

As we head into the holiday season, please keep the Culver family in your thoughts and prayers; let's help bring Daniel home.

A Facebook page has been created, along with flyers that have been posted around the Beloit area in hopes of bringing Daniel home as soon as possible; please help spread the word if you can.