Heck, even if you're not an exhausted parent you should try this ice cream.

When I was little I, like most girls, wanted to name nail polishes for a living.

Honestly, I'd still like to do that. Though now I have a feeling the people that name them have way busier other things to do, too.

But nail polish isn't the only fun thing to name, naming ice cream flavors is pretty awesome, too!

Like this new flavor from Northwoods Premium Confections.

Is there really a better flavor name than 'Exhausted Parent?'

Not only does it have an awesome name, it sounds pretty good, too!

The ice cream is described as, 'Bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks.'

Umm. YUM.

I have a feeling you need to get there soon before it's all gone, no matter how exhausted you are.

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