This is a story a friend shares with you and you wonder if their making it up. This woman really is knitting hats and giving them away from her front yard.

My wife shared this story that she found on the Beloit Daily News Facebook page. From another room, she said to me, "there's a woman in Beloit that knits hats and has them strung up on a clothesline in her front yard, and if you want one, just stop by and take one off the line... no charge." I really didn't believe her.

Then she sent me the link.

It's 100% real. This is the story of Diana Rice, the 'Looming Lady', from Beloit, Wisconsin. Diana knits winter hats, of all sizes, and every morning she hangs them on a clothesline in her front yard. If you see one you like, they're free, walk up to the clothesline and pull one down.

Need a free hat? "Looming" lady Diana Rice is offering handmade free hats via her yard at 1520 White Avenue. She strings...

Posted by Beloit Daily News on Thursday, October 29, 2020

So much kindness being shown by Diana the 'Looming Lady', from her front yard hat shop on White Avenue in Beloit. Consider returning that kindness with a yarn or cash donation when you stop by.

Click that link below, to read more of Diana's story.

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