Looking for a restaurant that serves some of the best breakfast food in the country?

You won't have to look too far, as this Illinois joint was named one of America's most fabulous.

LoveFood, which puts together mouth-watering lists of restaurants and their respective dishes, has named Tre Kronor Illinois' Best Breakfast Spot.

Nordic-Inspired Delights Await

For a breakfast experience that's a delightful departure from the ordinary, LoveFood recommends Tre Kronor.

This Nordic-inspired gem in Chicago serves up a unique menu featuring Swedish cinnamon rolls, Danish pastries, vanilla and orange French toast, and omelets with salmon, sausage, or Danish blue cheese.


Besides an incredible breakfast menu, Tre Kronor also serves crab cakes, quiche, and Swedish meatballs, so skipping breakfast and going straight to lunch or dinner might be OK.

Rave Reviews from Happy Diners

Don't just take my word for it; hear what the diners say. Yelp reviewers have awarded Tre Kronor an impressive overall score of 4.2. One satisfied customer, Ted G, couldn't help but share, "This little jewel was highly recommended and exceeded my expectations."

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Another reviewer, Carol F., mentioned that the food took over an hour to come out but described the place as "quaint."


According to LoveFood, Brunch is the best breakfast joint in Wisconsin, with locations in Milwaukee and Brookfield.

Ready to embark on a breakfast adventure? Tre Kronor is located at 3258 West Foster Avenue in Chicago, ready to welcome you with its Nordic-inspired delights.

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